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Produced by members of the European Labor History Network Working Group Workplaces: Pasts and Presents

We are happy to announce the new project of our working group "Workplaces: Pasts and Presents." After our blog series "Factory Reloaded," and our podcast series "Workplace Matters," we are now moving into the realm of digital humanities to explore the historical and contemporary dynamics of capitalism at the point of production. This project brings together international scholars in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Argentina, Turkey, South Africa, and Bangladesh to investigate, in a collaborative and interdisciplinary way, the past and present of the workplace. We are especially concerned to move across the divides between the global North and South, between different disciplines, and between different methods and orientations. The project draws on a range of methodologies and on tools in the digital humanities and social sciences to archive, curate, and disseminate our results and findings to audiences of students, scholars, activists, and the general public. We welcome communication, especially offers to share research, collaborate, and exchange ideas. Follow us and establish contact by email to .

The six virtual exhibits presented at are works in progress. They range broadly, from transnational auto worker radicalism, to worker 'identities in an Argentine steel plant, to the gendered nature of Bangladesh's garment workforces. Many of the exhibits will have new multi-media materials added and interpretive text augmented. Other exhibits will come online as well, including one on the Ford Motor Company in Istanbul and another exploring department store elevators in Johannesburg. Please help spread the word in your own networks!

Our first featured exhibit "Gender and Labor at the Margins of Modernity: Female Factory Work in Turkey, 1930s-1950s" is curated by Görkem Akgöz. Through interweaving the parallel processes of industrialization and nation-building, this exhibit explores the two most prominent aspects of visible modernity in interwar Turkey: the image of the large factory and the status of women. https: // /.../ womeninturkishfactories ...

To hear about new exhibits and other activities of the working group, please follow @Worpklaces_past.