Banner of the Union for Unskilled Building and Foundation Workers in Stockholm

The first red labour movement banner in Sweden was unfurled in 1883 at the time when the socialist ideas started to be discussed in the trade unions. The red banner was the symbol for unity between the members of the union and to others a message showing pride in the work and the meaning that socialism was the way to reach the goal of freedom, justice and equality. Before the First World War the banners showed internationalism instead of nationalism: red colour, silk material, international symbols like the socialist goddess of freedom with her red cap, the clasped hands -the pure worker emblem -the rising sun and international devices.
The high skilled workers banners show pictures of the craft, a tool or a product of the work. The unskilled workers unions mostly show paintings with workers collective work, together we build the new society. This banner was painted and unfurled 1899. But the cloth could be older and repainted from an older union.