UK Industrial Relations

CFP: conference at Keele University

Historical Studies in Industrial Relations and The Society for the Study of Labour History
Joint Conference
UK Industrial Relations in the Twentieth Century
27-28 September 2002, Keele University, UK


Friday 27 September 2002

  • 1.00-2.00 Registration
  • 2.00-2.30 Introduction
  • 2.30-3.45
    Stream A: Ralph Darlington (Salford) - British Syndicalism and the Critique of Trade Union Officialdom; Paul Smith (Keele) - TheLiverpool and District Carters' and Motormen's Union, 1889-1946.
    Stream B: Nina Fishman (Westminster) - A Giant's Strength Untrammelled: Conservative Governments' Relations with Trade Unions and Their Failure to Reform Industrial Relations, 1951-64; Alan Roe (Keele/MSF) and Jim Telford (Hertfordshire/GPMU) - Myth and Reality of Conflict-ridden Industrial Relations in General Print: The 1959 National Strike.
    Stream C: John Lockey (Boston College/ Staff Nurse) - Hospital Cleaning Services during the 1980s: Learning the Lessons of Privatisation the Hard Way; Pete Cooper (UNL/CWU) - Project Newgrid: Ambiguous Militancy in the Late 1990s.
  • 4.15-5.30
    Stream A: Alan Campbell (Liverpool) and John McIlroy (Manchester) - Betraying the Red Army? The Communist Party, Left-Wing Radicalism and Industrial Militancy in the Scottish Coalfields during the Second World War; Terry Harrison (former Betteshanger NUM Secretary) - History of Industrial Struggle at Betteshanger Colliery, 1936-85.
    Stream B: Nick Hayes (Nottingham Trent) - 'Humanising Construction?': Full Employment, Productivity and the Languages of Industrial Relations Reform after 1945; Ken Brown (Queen's, Belfast) - Redressing the Balance: Unions and Management in Engineering: A Case Study, 1964-79.
    Stream C: Mike Richardson (UWE) - Leadership, Mobilization and the 1986-7 News International Dispute; Mike Ironside and Roger Seifert (both Keele) - The Significance of Comparability in National Pay Bargaining in the Public Services: Case Studies of the 1980 and 1989 National Local-Government Strikes amongst White-Collar Workers.
  • 7.15-8.30
    Plenary: Richard Croucher (Cranfield) and John L. Halstead (Sheffield) - 'Theory' and Industrial Relations.
  • 8.35-9.00
    AGM: Society for the Study of Labour History

Saturday 28 September 2002

  • 9.15-10.30
    Stream A: Whyeda Gill-McLure (Keele) - The Rise of Manual Municipal Unionism Obstacles and Pressures to the Establishment of a National Wage Rate, 1919-47; Boyd Black (Queen's, Belfast) - The Extension of Collective Bargaining in the Inter-War Years: Evidence from a Region under Devolution.
    Stream B: Dave Neville (former Parsons worker) - The 1972 Dispute at C.A.Parsons; Janet Winters (Canterbury Christ Church) - 'We Just Don't Want to Frighten the Horses': The 1975 Stable Lads' Strike.
    Stream C: Sandy Clark (Keele; former MSF full-time official) - The Limits of Amalgamation: TASS and MSF, 1981-2001; David Allsop (Hertfordshire) and David Wray (Northumbria) - Legally Damaged by Democracy: The Case of the NUM.
  • 11.00-12.15
    Plenary: Simon Deakin (Cambridge) - The Role of Law in Twentieth-Century UK Industrial Relations.
  • 1.30-2.45
    Stream A: Don Watson (Walsall) - Law, Industrial Action and the British Merchant Fleet: A Case Study of the Spanish Civil War; James Jaffe (Wisconsin) - Order 1305 and the Ambiguities of Compulsory Arbitration.
    Stream C: Jeremé Snook and Derek Watling (both Nottingham Trent) - Observing the Decline of Non-Union Representation? The Non-Statutory Company Works Council: Sweet or Sour?; Edmund Heery, Hazel Conley, Rick Delbridge (all Cardiff) and Paul Stewart (UWE) - Positively Part- Time: Trade Union Representation of Part-Time Workers, 1970-2001.
    Archive Stream: Christine Coates (Librarian, TUC Library Collections, UNL) - The TUC Collections; Christine Woodland (Archivist, Modern Records Centre, Warwick) - The TUC Archives: Opening up the Treasure Trove.
  • 3.15-4.15
    Plenary: 21st-Century Tools for 20th-Century History: Amanda Hill (Archives Hub) - Electronic Archival Resources; Sue Donnelly (Archivist, LSE) - Electronic Library and Museum Resources.

Conference Registration Details

To reserve a place at the conference (especially important for those requiring accommodation or taking meals), please get in touch before 15 August with: HSIR Conference, Centre for Industrial Relations, Keele University, Staffordshire, ST5 5BG. Any queries, please email (copy to, ring 01782-583396, fax 01782-584271 or write to the above address.

Conference participants will be sent a final programme, maps and travel information in early September.

Please make all cheques payable to Keele University. Prices are given below (those in brackets are subsidised prices for research students):

  • Option 1: En-suite residential place (Friday dinner, bed and breakfast, Saturday lunch) £67 (Please note that there are some double and twin en-suite rooms available, with £10 discount off the total cost for two delegates.)
  • Option 2: Standard residential place (Friday dinner, bed and breakfast, Saturday lunch) £55 (£42)
  • Option 3: Non-residential place (Friday dinner, Saturday lunch) £32 (£22)
  • Option 4: Non-residential place Friday only (Friday dinner) £18 (£13)
  • Option 5: Non-residential place Saturday only (Saturday lunch) £16 (£12)
  • Option 6: Archive sessions only, Saturday afternoon only £5 (£3)