IISH News Service March 7, 2007

IISH website items in February
A Greek Entrepreneur in Utrecht
by the Historical Image Archive of Migrants (in Dutch)

How to code your own data into HISCO
History Of Work Information System

A list of 50 most consulted archives in 2006

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Until 11 March 2007
Exhibition: "Fiep in de krant" - illustrations by Fiep Westendorp for newspaper Het Parool
In: Persmuseum - in Dutch

15 March - 29 April 2007
Exhibition: "Politiek in Prent" [Dutch political cartoons]
In: Persmuseum - in Dutch

27 March 2007
Lecture: "Homo's herdacht. De W.O. II en de geschiedschrijving" by Marian van der Klein

13-14 April 2007
Workshop Collaboratory

24 April 2007
Lecture: "Stretching Labour Historiography. Ideas from South Asia" by Willem van Schendel

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