Global South

Ann: Sephis e-magazine new issue
Dear reader,

We have launched the second issue of the third volume of the Sephis e-magazine. This issue has been inordinately late, and we do apologise for it. At the same time we plead that this delay, while excruciating, did have its reasons. Now, the e-magazine has a website of its own. This new website, [url][/url], which we are sure, you will find interesting enough to visit repeatedly (and enrich it further) is a step towards making Sephis reach out more, by enabling far greater interactive sessions with the readers, and among them. The e-magazine itself, rechristened Global South will continue to have most of the features of old. But the website will also host some of these, as well as certain all-new features. We have embarked on a new journey, which is quite a big leap. We have gathered up the courage for this only on the strength that your support has given us. We hope that our efforts will help you to enjoy and participate so much more.
Like the last January issue, this one is also a special. In paying our respect to the memory of the noted historian of labour, Rajnarayan Chandavarkar, we have made this one into a labour history special. The gamut that we present before you, in its spatial and chronological spread; will hopefully be of pleasure to you.

We sincerely hope that the new avatar will continue to enjoy the support that you have so far extended so generously in the past.


The editorial team[url][/url]