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(1) "Problems of American Socialism," by Louis C. Fraina [Feb. 1919]

(2) "The National Convention," by Ludwig Lore [Aug. 1919]

(3) "To the Striking Longshoremen: Proclamation Issued by the Communist Party of America, Local Greater New York." [leaflet circa Oct. 20, 1919]

(4) "The Communist Labor Party," by Ludwig Lore [Nov. 1919]

(5) "'Break Back of Radicalism' Was Palmer's Order: 800 Aliens Arrested in Cossack Raid Held Foodless in 'Black Hole' for 20 Hours, Reporter Testifies: 12 Found Deserving of Deportation." by Laurence Todd [aftermath of Jan. 2/3, 1920 raids]

(6) "Letter to Frank B. O'Connell, Department Adjutant, The American Legion, in Lincoln, Nebraska, from Harrison Fuller, Commander, Department of Minnesota, American Legion, in St. Paul, Minnesota, March 15, 1920."

(7) "Roger Baldwin and the American Civil Liberties Union: Excerpt of a Report by a Former Special Agent of the Bureau of Investigation, US Dept. of Justice." by Edgar B. Speer [May 3, 1920]

(8) "Note to Allan J. Carter of the Dept. of State in Washington, DC, from J. Edgar Hoover, Special Assistant to the Attorney General in Washington, DC, Oct. 1, 1920."

(9) "Circular Letter to Trade Union Locals from the National Executive Committee of the World War Veterans, circa Jan. 25, 1921."

(10) "Letter to Henry J. Ryan, National Director, Americanism Commission, the American Legion in Indianapolis, IN, from J. Edgar Hoover, Special Assistant to the Attorney General in Washington, DC, January 31, 1921."

(11) "The American Legion and Civil Service 'Preference' for Soldiers," by Victor D. Berger [Feb. 24, 1921]

(12) "Branstetter in Interview With Eugene V. Debs: Wilson Gag on Socialist Prisoner." [Milwaukee Leader] [March 19, 1921]

(13) "L.A.K. Martens Not Deported; Allowed to Go: Former Labor Secretary Now Gives New Explanation," by Laurence Todd [March 22, 1921]

(14) "Daugherty Acts on Debs Monday: Gene Returns to Cell from Capital Without Guards: Leaves Washington After Secret Conference with Attorney General on Case - Trial Judge Also Called: Prisoner Came and Left in Silence," by Paul Hanna [March 25, 1921]

(15) "Debs Tried Out One Big Union of Railroads: Plan Weakened Craft Bodies, Says Foster," by William Z. Foster [April 6, 1921]

(16) "Soviet Russia Called by Communist Worst Tyranny in World." [Milwaukee Leader on Morris Zucker] [April 8, 1921]

(17) "W.D. Haywood Now in Russia, Chicago Rumor." [Milwaukee Leader] [April 21, 1921]

(18) "Haywood Joins Communists; Quits IWW." [Milwaukee Leader] [April 23, 1921]

(19) "Roger Baldwin Raps Haywood's 'Desertion.'" [Milwaukee Leader] [April 29, 1921]

(20) "The Ripening of Revolution in the United States," by Max Bedacht [circa May 20, 1921]

(21) "American Labor Alliance is Launched in New York: Independent Labor Organizations Form a United Body to Abolish Capitalism and Establish a Workers' Soviet Republic: Sentiment Against Reaction is Crystallized." [The Toiler] [Aug. 6, 1921]

(22) "Brutal Officer Attacks Workers' Meeting," by P.S. Kerr [event of Aug. 7, 1921]

(23) "Friends of Soviet Russia Launched: Unions and Other Working Class Organizations United to Relieve Famine in Russia." [The Toiler] [Aug. 9, 1921]

(24) "Letter to William J. Burns, Director of the Bureau of Investigation, US Dept. of Justice in Washington, DC from T.L. Felts, Baldwin-Felts Detectives, in Bluefield, West Virginia, Sept. 29, 1921."

(25) "William D. Haywood -- Soldier to the Last," by James P. Cannon [May 22, 1928]

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