Russia in 1912-1922

CFP: 8th Plekhanov conference, May-June 2008

Plekhanov House (Dom Plekhanova), the National Library of Russia department, is pleased to announce The VIII Plekhanov Conference, "Russia in 1912-1922: A Decade of Social and Political Breakup and National Consolidation", to be held on 30 May - 1 June, 2008, and invites those interested to contribute to the forum.

This period comprised the process of gradual polarisation of the Russian society, started with spread of revolutionary ideas in the vast masses soon after the defeat of the 1905-1907 Russian Revolution and stirring them up to a greater social activity; the fragmentation dramatically increased under the destructive effect of the country's inability to function adequately in the days of The Great war and resulted in the Revolution of 1917. Futile attempts of the then revolutionary democracy and national bourgeoisie to advance and realize explicit ideas, capable of uniting the Russian for common purposes, and thus assisted the Bolshevik party to come into power in October 1917. It was only the Entente and Triple Alliance military invasion, reinforced by the White Guard movement (the Civil War of 1918-1922), which followed the event, coerced national consolidation and radically modified Bolshevik plans for socialist reconstructions in Russia.

The Conference aims at stimulating interdisciplinary discussions on the mentioned above subject-matter by bringing together historians and social science researchers in order to deepen our understanding of social and historical processes both in the past and present. Of utmost importance is the systemic comparison of similar processes, which proceeded outside Russia, and gave rise to similar themes and paradigms. Comparisons in time and space are also welcomed.

Time schedule.
As tradition on the eve of the conference Dom Plekhanova publishes A Book of Abstracts, the deadline for applications and abstracts (6,000-9,000 words) is April 15, 2008.

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