Economic and Social History of the Low Countries

A conference in Antwerp, 31 Jan-1 Feb

The Economic and Social History of the Low Countries before 1850
Third Flemish-Dutch Conference
University of Antwerp
31 January - 1 February 2008

The N.W. Posthumus Institute organizes its Third Flemish-Dutch conference on the economic and social history of the Low Countries before 1850 in Antwerp, January 31 - February 1, 2008. The purpose of the two day meeting is to present recent findings and stimulate new research on the economy and society of the Low Countries before the Industrial Revolution.

All Conference Papers will be available online on January 21st, 2008. You can register for the conference simply by completing an inscription form and sending it to [mailto][/mailto].

Those coming from abroad have the option of staying in Antwerp overnight. If you want to, please notify it on the inscription form.

The conference will be held at the University of Antwerp, Prinsstraat 13, 2000 Antwerp - Belgium. The exact room will be communicated at a later date.

The deadline for papers is January 20st, 2008.

All papers should be send to [mailto][/mailto]. A beamer will be available, please notify if you'll need something else.


Thursday, January 31st, 2008

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-13.30 New Research: Erik Thoen, "A History of Agriculture in Europe"

13.30-17.00 Session 1. Labour in the Low Countries

13.30-14.15 Tine de Moor and Jan Luiten Van Zanden (Utrecht University) "Age-heaping in the Low Countries".[Comments: Bert de Munck]

14.15-15.00 Erika Kuijpers (Utrecht University) "Labour relations in Holland before 1600."[Comments: Karel Davids]

15.00-15.30 Coffee and tea

15.30-16.15 Thijs Lambrecht (University of Ghent) "Agrarian capitalism, specialisation , labour organization and poor relief in the Southern Low Countries, ca. 1700-ca. 1820." [Comments: Karel Davids]

16.15-17.00 Laura van Aert (University of Antwerp) "Women and work in the early modern Southern Netherlands (Antwerp, Ghent, Liège and Mons)" [Comments: Anne McCants]

17.00-17.30 New Research: Jan Willem Veluwenkamp (University of Groningen) "REDS: Realisatie Elektronische Databank Sonttolregisters (1497-1857)"

17.30 Drinks and Dinner ( 18.30)

Friday, February 1st, 2008

09.00-09.30 New Research: Manon Van der Heijden (University of Leiden) "Civil Services and Urban Communities The Netherlands 1500-1800"

0.9.00-12.30 Session 2. Commerce and Culture

09.00-09.45 Bas van Bavel and Oscar Gelderblom (Utrecht University), "Land of Milk and Butter. The Economic Origins of Cleanliness in the Dutch Golden Age" [Comments: Marjolein 't Hart]

09.45-10.30 Marion Huibrechts (University of Leuven) "The arms trade in the Austrian Netherlands" [Comments: Clé Lesger]

10.30-11.00 Coffee and tea

11.00-11.45 Bruno Blondé and Ilja van Van Damme (University of Antwerp) "The shop in the house: commercial middlemen and their use of domestic space (Antwerp, l7th and 18th centuries)" [Comments: Jon Stobart]

11.45-12.30 Bert De Munck and Reinoud Vermoesen (University of Antwerp) "Faiseurs de peu, vendeurs de beaucoup. The transition from producer to retailer in Aalst, ca. 1650 - ca. 1800" [Comments: Jon Stobart]

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-14.00 New Research: Bas van Bavel (Utrecht University) "Economic Growth and Stagnation in the Pre-Industrial Era: Iraq, Italy and the Low Countries, 600-1700"

14.00-15.30 Session 3: There are some more equal than others

14.00-14.45 Arnout Mertens (University of Antwerp) "Aristocratic Independence, Monarchical Power, and Early Modern State Building. Pedigreed Nobles from Brabant in the Age of Absolutism" [Comments: Anne McCants]

14.45-15.15 Coffee and tea

15.15-16.00 Jord Hanus (University of Antwerp) "Measuring societal inequality and mobility in time and space: the case of sixteenth-century 's-Hertogenbosch" [Comments: Wantje Fritschy]

16.00-16.30 New Research: Oscar Gelderblom and Joost Jonker (Utrecht University) "The Evolution of Financial Markets in Pre-Industrial Europe: A Comparative Analysis"