British and German Social Democrats

Review: Lenehal on Berger

Stefan Berger, The British Labour Party and the German Social Democrats, 1900-1931. A Comparative Study. Oxford Clarendon Press 2002 (Oxford Historical Monographs) ISBN: 0-19-820500-7 306 S.

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Stefan Berger’s The British Labour Party And The German Social Democrats 1900-1931, published first in 1994 and republished in 2002, is an extensive and very well-researched, if, at times, somewhat dull, comparative study of what he terms the "working class parties" of both Britain and Germany. His main argument, that both parties have more in common than the sonderweg historiography of both countries would suggest, is thoroughly convincing and repeatedly well argued. The publication suffers, though, from an occasional overloading of detail, slowing down the narrative.
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