Labor History

TOC: Vol 49 nr 2 (February 2008)

Labor History
Volume 49 Number 2 (February 2008)


Defining a "Living Wage" in America: Transformations in Union WageTheories, 1870-1930
Tom Stapleford

British Trade Unions, the 1975 Referendum and Its Legacy
Philip B. Whyman

Challenging Cheap-Labour Theory: Nataland TransvaalCoal Miners, c. 1890-1950
Peter Alexander

49The FE PC and the Legacy of the Labor-Based Civil Rights Movement of the 1940s
Kevin M. Schultz

Labor History Symposium: Andreas Bieler, The Struggle for a Social Europe: Trade Unions and EMU in Times of Global Restructuring

  1. Graham Taylor, The Limits and Possibilities of Trade Union Politics in Europe
  2. Patrick Pasture, The Awakening of the Lame Duck? Trade Unions and the EMU
  3. Janine Goetschy, The Difficult Road to Renewed Trade Union Action at the EU Level
  4. Mark Rupert, Labor and Politics in a Multi-Scalar Globalizing Capitalism: Bieler and the New Neo-Gramscians
  5. Andreas Bieler, Trade Unions and European Integration: Theoretical and Empirical Considerations

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