Economic and Social History

CFP: a conference in Rethymno, Dec 2008

International Conference of Economic and Social History
New Perspectives in Theory and Empirical Research

Rethymno, Crete, December 2008

Economic and social history have given great impetus in the Greek historical studies during the 1970s and 1980s and have contributed to the renewal of thematic, research and methodology that has built on heated discussions and has resulted in an upsurge of production of studies. Although a remarkable production of scholarly research on a Greek and international level has continued during the 1990s and to the present day, the academic dialogue among scholars on Greek economic and social history has not been systematic and the interrelations between empirical research and theory has weakened. The Greek paradigm, despite the different and isolated attempts, has not been explored in its totality and has not been integrated in the international academic dialogue. In order to overcome this situation, a group of historians, economists and social scientists, that publishes in the internet the Electronic Bulletin of Economic History (Hlektroniko Deltio Oikonomikis Istorias) with the acronym HDOISTO, [url][/url] [Greek text and characters], and organizes since September 2005, a biweekly Open Seminar of Economic and Social History, has decided to put together the first International Conference of Economic and Social History. The aim is to give the opportunity to Greek scholars and their colleagues abroad to participate in the exchange of ideas in economic and social history among historians, economists and researchers from different fields.

This conference is open to scholars involved in the Economic and Social History of Greece in modern and contemporary times. The languages of the Conference are Greek, English and French and papers will be accepted on the following three fields:

  • Economic and Social History
  • Business History
  • History of Economic Thought and Social Theory

Please complete the participation form and send it to the Organizing Committee by 15 March 2008. The proposals will be assessed by the Academic Committee of the Conference. Papers accepted will have to be delivered end of October 2008, in order to be distributed among participants. All papers will be commented by commentators and we plan to allocate more time to discussion than to presentation.

Five proposals of young colleagues will be selected whose participation cost (travel and accommodation) will be covered by the Conference. The organizing committee hopes to publish the Proceedings of the Conference.

Organizing committee:

Socrates D. Petmezas (University of Crete/Institute of Mediterranean Studies-Institute of Technology and Research) and Gelina Harlaftis (Ionian University)

Secretariat: Katerina Papakonstantinou (Piraeus University) and Andreas Lyberatos (Institute of Mediterranean Studies- Institute of Technology and Research)


Socrates Petmezas
Institute of Mediterranean Studies-Institute of Technology and Research
Melissinou & Nikiforou Foka 130, Mail Box 119, Rethymno 74100
tel.: 28310 25146, 56627 / fax : 28310 25810[mailto][/mailto]

Academic Committee:

Christina Agriantoni, University of Thessaly
Stavros Thomadakis, University of Athens
Vassilis Kardasis, University of Crete
Kostas Kostis, University of Athens/ EHESS
Ioanna Minoglou, Economic University of Athens
Olga Katsiardi-Hering, University of Athens
Christos Hadziiossif, University of Crete, IMS/ITR
Maria-Christina Chatziioannou, Institute of Neohellenic Research-NFR
Michalis Psallidopoulos, University of Athens

Languages of the Conference:
Greek, English, French


Deadline for proposals: 15 March 2008
Announcement of acceptance: 20 April 2008
Deadline of submission of final paper for commentators and conference
participants: 30 October 2008.
Conference: December 2008


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