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TOC: issue 2007:4

Ab Imperio editors are pleased to announce the release of the fourth issue of the journal in 2007. Ab Imperio is a bilingual (English Russian) international scholarly journal dedicated to the study of empire and nationalism in the post Soviet space. The fourth issue of the journal is devoted to the exploration of "The Future of the Past." The language of each publication (Russian or English) is indicated by a letter in brackets.Please find below the table of contents and visit the website for more information: [url]http://www.abimperio.net[/url]

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The Future of the Past

I. Methodology and Theory

From the Editors
Moving On, Back to the Future (E)

Serhii Plokhy
Beyond Nationality (E)

Jane Burbank and Frederick Cooper
Imperial Trajectories (R)

II. History

Zaal Andronikashvili
The Glory of Feebleness: The Martyrology Paradigm of Georgian Political Theology (R)

Alexander Dmitriev
Ukrainian Science and Its Imperial Contexts, The Nineteenth - Early Twentieth Century (R)

Liliia Berezhnaia
The "Ukrainian Triangle" of Stepan Tomashivs'kyi (1875-1930): On the Peculiarities of the "Imaginary Geography" of the Early Twentieth Century (R)

Patryk Babiracki
Imperial Heresies: Polish Students in the Soviet Union, 1948-1957 (E)

Andrzej Nowak
A "Polish Connection" in American Sovietology, Or the Old Homeland Enmities in the New Host Country Humanities (E)

IV. Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science

Olga Khristoforova Making the Future: Mari through the Camera's Lens (R)

V. ABC: Empire & Nationalism Studies

Boris Kolonitskii
Diagnosis: Fame (The Unfinished Story of the European University in St. Petersburg) (R)

VI. Newest Mythologies

Kevin M. F. Platt
Allegories of Stalinist Historiography: Eisenstein's Ivan the Terrible (E)

VII. Book Reviews >>

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