German Migrants

CFP: a workshop in Liverpool 7 May 2008

German Migrants and European Development: In-migration, acculturation and identity from the eighteenth century to the present day

The expansion of the European Union in 2004 has been followed by a significant increase in migrant numbers in various members states. Despite the increasing political importance of this issue, current debates on the relative costs or benefits of in-migration seldom utilise historical evidence, whether drawn from aggregate data or specific case studies. This international workshop has been convened to examine the extent and impact of German migration within Europe in the modern period focusing on different occupational groups, whether from the world of commerce and finance, the arts and education, professional practice, retailing, or the service sector. It will focus on both skilled and unskilled migrants and analyse the process of migration, the changing configuration of ethnic boundaries, and the impact of German in-migrants on their local environment. The international workshop will address the following themes: