Herbert Read

Book ann: Freedom Press

Re-Reading Read: New Views on Herbert Read,
edited by Michael Paraskos and published by the Freedom Press, London

The Freedom Press has just published a new collection of essays on the anarchist writer Herbert Read (1893-1968).

Based on the papers given at the 2004 Herbert Read Conference, held in London, the book includes essays by sixteen writers, including Allan Antliff, Jerry Zaslove and Dana Ward. The topics range from Read's anarchist politics, to his own literary work, as well as his theories of art, literature and culture.List of essays:

  1. Open Form and the Abstract Imperative: Herbert Read and Contemporary Anarchist Art by Allan Antliff
  2. Art and Anarchy: Herbert Read's Aesthetic Politics by Dana Ward
  3. A sufficient Flow of Vital Ideas: Herbert Read and the Flow of Ideas from the Leeds Arts Club to the ICA by Nannette Aldred
  4. The Curse of King Bomba: Or How Marxism Stole Modernism by Michael Paraskos
  5. 'I'm Burligton Bertie': Herbert Read and the Burlington Magazine by Benedict Read
  6. Herbert Read and Irish Art by Riann Coulter
  7. Herbert Read as Touchstone for Anarcho-Modernism - Aura, Breeding Grounds, Polemic Philosophy by Jerry Zaslove
  8. Circles of Modernism: Herbert Read, Arnold Hauser and the Emergence of Art History in Leeds by Tom Steele
  9. Pottery and Precedent: Herbert Read and the Sculptural Form by Lee Beard
  10. Read, Eliot, and the Shadow of Morality by Kieron Winn
  11. Revisiting the Geometry of Fear by Margaret Garlake
  12. Herbert Read and the Psychological Method in Criticism by Jason Harding
  13. Despair, or Defiance: the Double Inflection in Herbert Read's Geometry of Fear by David Hulks
  14. Rumbling in the Depths: The Green Child and the Uncanny by Leena Kore Schoder
  15. Tactility or Opticality, Henry Moore or David Smith: Herbert Read and Clement Greenburg on the Art of Sculpture, 1956 by David Getsy
  16. Herbert Read and the New Metaphysical Poetry by Michael Whitworth

The book costs £19.50 (excluding P&P).
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ISBN-13: 978-190449-1088 (paperback).
240 pages, full colour throughout with numerous illustrations of artworks of many of the artists Read supported.