Encyclopedia of American Reform Movements

Last Call for Authors

Last Call for Authors for Encyclopedia of American Reform Movements

The Editors of the forthcoming Encyclopedia of American Reform Movements would like to thank readers of H-Labor for becoming contributors for 23/25 of the contemplated chapter on the Labor Movement. The Editors still are looking for scholars to prepare the remaining two entries:

  1. Historical Development: Labor Movement Cultural Institutions, 1-2K Words
  2. Intersection of Labor Movement with Other Reform Movements, an essay surveying the Labor Movement's interaction with Civil Rights, Socialism/Political Radicalism, and the Women's Rights Movement, 2-5K Words

The Editors also are seeking to recruit contributors to prepare entries for their contemplated chapter on "Socialism/Political Radicalism"

  1. Introductory Overview Essay, 5K Words
  2. Historical Development: an entry on the Antebellum Critique of Capitalism, emphasizing the Religiously-inspired Critique of Capitalism and the history of the Workingmen's Parties (1820s & 1830s), 1-2K Words
  3. Historical Development: History of Political Socialism in the U.S., focusing on the careers of the Socialist Labor Party of the USA (DeLeonists), the Socialist Party of the United States (Debs et al), and the Socialist Workers Party (U.S. Troyskists), 1-2K Words
  4. Historical Development: Decline of U.S. Socialism/Political Radicalism, emphasizing the Labor Movement's Opposition to Radical Politics, How Welfarism Undercuts Socialism (1930s-1950s), Liberal Anti-Communism, e.g. Americans for Democratic Action, and Government Repression of Political Radicalism, e.g. Red Scare, McCarthyism, etc., 1-2K Words
  5. Historical Development: Modern-day Anarchism/Anti-Globalization Protests, 1-2K Words
  6. Key Moments: The Sacco and Vanzetti Trial (1921), 500-1K Words
  7. Future of Socialism/Political Radicalism: Focusing on Further Opposition to Globalization and Declining Economic Opportunities, 2-5K Words

The Editors seek authors from the various social science disciplines as well as those in the fields of history, philosophy, and American Studies. This interdisciplinary focus is intended not only to make the Encyclopedia useful to a broad range of scholars and students but also to produce entries of interest to the widest possible reading audience. Preferences in making assignments will go to potential contributors with advanced education and a publication track record in the area of the entry subject, but some shorter entries might be available to authors in the process of completing their graduate degrees.

For more information about becoming a contributing author for this project, consult the [url]http://www.americanreformmovements.com website[/url] or email the editors at [mailto]americanreform@gmail.com[/mailto]

Jack McKivigan & Heather Kaufman [mailto]americanreform@gmail.com[/mailto]