Heart of the Factory

Ann: a documentary film

A film by Virna Molina and Ernesto Ardito -Now Completed-

The film looks at the life of a group of workers, men and women, inhabitants of the Argentinean Patagonia. These workers start a fight to stop the deaths and accidents that happen in the factory where they work. They live complex and dangerous conflicts and they are taking more and more commitment, something many of them had never imagined could happen. These strong episodes are affecting their perception of the reality, of the world. No one now can see himself or herself like the human he or she used to be. Something broke, something has changed and cannot return to the original place. In a poor country looted by its own governments and businessmen, the workers of Zanon Ceramic take the factory in their own hands when the owner closes it. They start to produce ceramics again, but without bosses. This is a permanent challenge where every day they have to fight against a political and economic system that tries to boycott them. Their biggest obstacle though does not come from the outside. It is about their own fears inculcated by this society. Although many of them do not know it, if they win the battle in their consciences they will open the door to build a completely different world.


Best Documentary Film
Competition Otras Miradas - Latin American Council of Social Sciences
Winner of Jan Vrijman Fund Grant (IDFA)
Winner of Altercine Fondation Grant
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Heart of the Factory, is the new documentary of Ernesto Ardito and Virna Molina, directors of Raymundo (2003), the Argentinean documentary most prized.

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