Remembering Ruth and Eddie Frow

Call for suggestions
Remembering Ruth and Eddie Frow

The Trustees of the Working Class Movement Library would be very pleased to hear from anyone with a suggestion on how best to remember Ruth and Eddie Frow, the joint founders of the library.

Eddie died in 1997, Ruth died earlier this year. In establishing the WCML they made an incalculable contribution to saving and popularising the history of working class social, industrial and cultural movements of the last 200 years.

Ruth and Eddie would have hated plaques or statues. The Trustees therefore welcome imaginative suggestions on how they could best be remembered, suggestions which would include in some way their passions for history, comradeship, poetry, drama, music and socialism. Amongst suggestions already received are an event or activity involving local schools; creating a garden at the library (they both loved gardens); creating a bursary to assist people who wish study at the library and an annual history lecture, perhaps on May Day.

Please send suggestions and ideas to Michael Herbert, email; [mailto][/mailto]