London Socialist Historians Group

Ann: Newsletter: Autumn 2008 issue

The Autumn 2008 issue of the London Socialist historians group newsletter has been published.

It contains an article by Keith Flett on the history of boom and bust and the introduction to a long article by Nik Howard on sources of socialism in Japan, together with reviews of the TV programme "Bonekickers" by Ben Marshall, of Paul Pickering's Feargus O'Connor, A Political Life by Keith Flett, of Dave Ayre and others' The Flying Pickets by Tom Machell, of Ralph Dalington's Syndicalism and the Transition to Communism by Ian Birchall and of Alan Woodward's The NHS is 60 by Keith Flett.

This issue also contains, as usual, news and announcements of forthcoming seminars and other events of interest to historians in the London area and beyond.