Information on Kurt Hubricht, esperantist freethinker


Dear Colleagues,

I am making researches on the link between the Esperanto movement and the Freethninker movement.

I found archives in the esperanto's libraries and different groups in the world.

But I search special information on a esperantist freethinker :

Kurt Hubricht (1890-) Leipzig (Germany)

In the esperanto's archives, he was still alive in 1932. But after, he disappears. We know that the Hitler power forbidden the esperantist worker association in 1932.

But I don't know if he was killed, in jail or in another country...

Do you know someone who could help me about him?

Further more, do you know where, in Europe I could find documents on the link between Esperanto and Freethinker?

I know that in Amsterdam are a part of the archivs from the World Union of Freethinker.

My best regards.

M. Dominique Simeone
I.R.E.L.P (Institut of Research of the Freethinker - Paris)
dominique.simeone [at]