Work, labour and skill - Historical meanings and changes

Call for Papers, deadline 8 December

CFP: Work, labour and skill - Historical meanings and changes. Panel Proposal to BASAS conference - Leeds 04/13


British Association for South Asian Studies 03.04.2013-05.04.2013, Leeds
Deadline: 08.12.2012

We invite paper proposals for our panel we are proposing to BASAS conference to be held in Leeds in April 2013.

Work, labour and skill - Historical meanings and changes

In this panel we investigate the shaping of distinct work-regimes in three paradigmatic sites of work that constituted the history of labour and capital in the 19th & 20th centuries South Asia: agro-ecological, industrial and plantation. We want to ask a specific set of questions:
1. How did the differentiation between 'valued' and non-valued' work evolve in varied work-contexts? 2. What sorts of social tensions, solidarities and work regimes emerged historically in diverse workplaces? 3. How have traditions and definitions of skill been constituted and passed on in different occupational forms? 4. What forms of social life, community organization and family structures have been historically interwoven with regimes of work and skill?

Different themes that could be investigated within this broad rubric are:

-Rhythms of work and how they are affected by economic and political change and managerial decisions

- Spaces of work; organization of work at the workplace (how did the specific nature of work-place influence the nature of work and social identity?)

- Skill-formation; what role did race, community, generation, caste and kin networks, and institutions play in skill-development?

- Work and family divisions of labour: what sorts of gendered practices and norms have been associated with different occupational communities and regimes?

We invite paper proposals in 200 words by 8 December 2012. Please send the proposal to annasailer [at] or nitin.sinha [at]

Anna Sailer
Nitin Sinha

Nitin Sinha
York University
Great Britain
nitin.sinha [at]

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