Working Lives: special issue of Oral History Forum d'histoire orale

TOC, Special Issue

Table of Contents

Oral History and Working Class History: A Rewarding Alliance
Joan Sangster


Reconstructing Alberta Working-Class History via Oral History: A Challenge for a Politically Engaged Academic
Alvin Finkel

Oral History, Working Class Culture, and Local Control: A Case Study from Brewer, Maine
Pauleena MacDougall

Producing Memory: Public History and Resistance in a Canadian Auto Town
Christine McLaughlin

Vendors, Mothers, and Revolutionaries: Street Vendors and Union Activism in 1970s Puebla, Mexico
Sandra C. Mendiola García

“Migrants’ Nights”: Subjectivity and Agency of Working-Class Pakistani Migrants in Athens, Greece
Emilia Salvanou


Review: Cooking in Other Women’s Kitchens
Sarah Cappeliez

Review: Sisters in the Brotherhoods
Nolan Reilly

The Alberta Federation of Labour’s Centennial Website: A Fantastic Resource (if you can find it)
Ian Milligan