Imminent closure of Alexander Yakovlev Foundation in Moscow

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From Dina Fainberg' Facebook page:

Today I visited the Alexander Yakovlev Foundation in Moscow and they confirmed the sad news about their imminent closure. I also learned that they need help.

For those who don’t know, one of the missions of the foundation was preserving Soviet history, declassifying historical documents, and making them accessible to the public and scholars. Over the years, the foundation was the leading publisher of declassified documents from the Russian archives, best known for its flagship series Россия ХХ Век.


SAVE THE BOOKS: As they are shutting down, they are liquidating their book stock and looking for a new home for those document collections. They would be grateful for the opportunity to place these books in a library (in whatever quantities a library would take.)

The books in question are series of published declassified documents from major Russian archives. Each collection of documents is usually dedicated to a specific subject, for example “Prague Spring,” “Lubyanka,” "Military Intelligence,” etc. Their strongest topics cover the history of the 1920s, the history of Stalinism and the Great Terror, the History of WWII, and many interesting aspects of post-war history, especially the history of Soviet foreign relations with socialist countries.

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