CfP: Immigrazioni. International migrations and labor from the 70s to the present: an historical perspective

Call for papers, deadline 31 January 2019

The complex intertwining of immigration and labor market is a highly topical subject even nowadays: the forced displacements we are witnessing in recent years are, in fact, only a portion of the migration to Western Countries, from World War II until the present day.

Since the 70s the presence of migrants in Europe, and especially in Italy, has become a structural issue and has been at the center of the public and political debate. The progressive demolition of welfare systems, the job precariousness, and new consumer lifestyles have generated different responses in terms of regulation of the admissions of foreign citizens in search of a job and their management (housing issues, access to health care, etc.). Both with regard to organization of forms of protection of immigrants in the exercise of theirs fundamental rights, especially in cases of serious discrimination and exploitation (immigrant associations, trade union action, etc.).

On this basis scholars are invited to present proposals for papers that develop the themes related to the relationship between immigration and work in Italy and in Europe, and the complex interactions between subjects of various nature that animate it.

Reflection, though not limited to the points listed below, may cover the following topics:

1) legislation and policies of the states on entry and permanence of foreign workers in the eighties and nineties;
2) the role of social, religious, political and union actors facing the growth of the migration phenomenon;
3) the role of immigrant associations in planning and organizing demands;
4) the evolution of the political and public debate about the presence of a growing number of foreign workers;
5) individual case studies that highlight the presence of foreign workers on a given territory;
6) the birth and growth of anti-racist movements around the themes of immigration and work;
7) the evolution of labor markets, the dynamics of "ethnic specialization", macroeconomic and microeconomics effects of the presence of foreign workers in a given
8) the link between immigration, gender, work and integration strategies;
9) the evolution of employment sectors and professions following the employment of foreign workers;
10) the transformation of cities and urban spaces after the arrival of foreign workers;
11) the workforce development and training programs in the countries of origin;
12) the colonial / post-colonial dynamics in migration flows for work purposes;
13) National states, territoriality and extraterritoriality.

The two-day symposium will take place in Fisciano at the University of Salerno and in Napoli at the Istituto di Studi sulle Società del Mediterraneo (CNR), it will be held within June 2019.
Modest funding support may be available to those in need.
All contributors are invited to submit a document with the title of the proposed paper and an abstract (max 1500 words). A brief bio of the author (no more than 250 words, including titles and affiliations) should also be included.

Proposals should be submitted via email attachment to by 31 january, 2019.
Accepted papers will be announced by 31 March, 2019.

Conference proceedings will be published.
Organized by:
- Cattedra di Storia Contemporanea – Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, Sociali e della Comunicazione DISPSC – Università degli studi di Salerno
- Istituto di Studi sulle Società del Mediterraneo
- Centro Studi “Confronti” - Roma
- Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vittorio – Sezione Archivi, Biblioteche e Centri di Documentazione

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