“Simonetta Ortaggi” award for outstanding PhD dissertations in the field of Labour History

Call for proposals, deadline 15 February 2019

SISLav and Istoreco Livorno are inviting applications to the second edition of the “Simonetta Ortaggi” award for outstanding PhD dissertations in the field of Labour History. Simonetta Ortaggi (1944-1999) was a historian and researcher, author of some of the most important contributions to Italian Labour History.

The award consists in the publication of a Phd thesis in Labour History broadly defined, for the “Lavori in corso” series, by SISLav-NDF publication. The thesis will be published in paper-format for purchase and it will also be available for free download from the editor’s website.

The "Simonetta Ortaggi" award is open to researchers who defended their doctoral theses within the last 3 years (2016-2018). The award will be granted every two years.
The candidate must have completed a doctoral degree from an Italian or foreign institution. The thesis must be originally written - or translated - in one of the following languages: Italian, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German. The language of publication will be Italian.

Theses that have been previously published will not be accepted. There is no geographical nor time limitation with regards to the subject of the research. The work presented can focus on any historical period, from antiquity to the present, and on any geographical area.

Applicants must fill in the form below and send it via email to storialavoro@gmail.com, enclosing a digital copy of the thesis, an abstract in Italian (max. 4000 characters), and a short CV of the candidate including the list of publications.

The deadline for application is 15 February 2019.

Candidates must also send a paper copy of the thesis to the following address by 15 March 2019. The postmark on the package will be considered prove of the date of mailing.

Istituto Storico della Resistenza e della Società Contemporanea nella provincia di Livorno Complesso della Gherardesca, via G. Galilei 40
Livorno 57122 - Italy

Please note that the paper copy of the thesis will not be returned to the applicant, but it will be added to the Istoreco Livorno Library and will be available for consultation.
The commission will select the successful applicant before 15 September 2019. The commission is formed by 5 members: 3 nominated by the SISLav Board (as recommended by the Editorial Committee of the “Lavori in corso” Series SISLav-NDF), and 2 nominated by the Istoreco Livorno. The list showing the names of members of the commission will be published on the web site of SISLav (http://storialavoro.it) before 1th March 2019. The commission will communicate the results to all candidates. In case of thesis that are not granted the award but are considered worth of publication, the Commission will provide a special recommendation. 

The successful candidate must send a revised version of the thesis within 4 months from the communication of the award.

The thesis will be revised according to the editorial and scientific indications given by the commission, following the editorial standards used in the SISLav-NDF editions. The thesis must be written (or translated) in Italian. SISLav-NDF editions will provide two experts to assist the author in the revision of the thesis.
The author will waive sale rights, and will receive 20 paper copies of the publication.


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