Politics and Society in Europe after 1848

Conference, 7 July 2019, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Pembroke College, Cambridge, 7 September 2019



9.00-9.15: Opening Remarks (Christos Aliprantis, Cambridge)

9.15-10.15: Keynote Lecture: “After 1848: The European Revolution in Government” (Christopher Clark, Cambridge)

10.15-10.30: Response (Beatrice de Graaf, Utrecht)


10.30-11.00: Coffee break


11.00-13.00: Practices of Government in Germany and France, 1848-1870

Moderator: Christos Aliprantis (Cambridge)

“Government and State-Building in Post-Revolutionary Prussia” (Anna Ross, Warwick)

“The Rhythms of Change: German Governments and the Challenge of a Networked Society, 1849–1870 (Jean Michel Johnston, Oxford)

“Revisiting French "Democratic Caesarism" on a European and imperial scale” (Quentin Deluermoz, Paris 13)


13.00-14.00: Lunch break


14.00-16.00: The Habsburg Empire during Neoabsolutism and Beyond

Moderator: Jonathan Kwan (Nottingham)

“Traitors in the Era of Habsburg Neo-Absolutism: Prosecutions and Pardons” (Mark Cornwall, Southampton-Oxford)

“Unity, uniformity, strict discipline” (Ágnes Deák, Szeged)

“Microhistories of Policing in Central Europe in the Age of Counter-revolution” (Christos Aliprantis, Cambridge)


16.00-16.30: Coffee Break


16.30-18.30: Regional Histories in Central and Southern Europe after 1848

Moderator: Beatrice de Graaf (Utrecht)

“Monks, Revolutionaries and the 'Frivolity of Closing the border:' The Austro-Swiss Conflict of 1853 and the International Policing of Dissent” (Heléna Tóth, Bamberg)

“‘[Lest] our objective once again fall asleep’: Positively Recasting (South) Germany’s 1848” (Bodie A. Ashton, Passau)

“Political control in Italy between new security practices and forms of politicization” (Laura DiFiore, Naples)


19.00: Dinner