CfP: Maritime Labour in Times of Crisis at the ELHN-WORCK Conference 2021

Call for papers, deadline 25 September 2020

ELHN-WORCK Conference 2021 (VIENNA, 30 August–3 September 2021)

Dear colleagues,

We have the pleasure to launch a call for papers for the 4th ELHN 2021, which is keeping its schedule. This meeting is going to take place from 30 August to 1 September 2021 at the Wien University, Vienna. On this occasion it will be a joint event of the European Labour History Network and the COST Action “Worlds of Related Coercions in Work” (WORCK).

Regarding the topics, this is an open call but we would like to suggest an idea. As all we know, the merchant marine and the shipping industry, as a whole, is one of the economic sectors most sensible to crisis. From war to pandemic, the shipping industry can be a thermometer of any conflict situation. Maritime labour is fully affected by any kind of crisis; workers, men and women, are generally the anonymous victims of the situation. We suggest that the present day is a good moment to think about crisis (in every sense and meaning) on maritime labour, on board and ashore, and in every sector.

We have a strict deadline, 25 September 2020, so we ask you for a prompt response. We will gather your proposals and we should send them fast to the organizers, so it is important to be quick. Please, if you are interested in participating send us the title and a short abstract of your contribution (250 words).

We are living difficult times and it is hard to make plans or to have a clear idea of our lives next year. Even so, we encourage you to participate in the next meeting of the European Labour History Network. For all further information concerning the conference, please consult the website:

Jordi Ibarz (Universitat de Barcelona)
Enric Garcia (Universitat de Barcelona)
Coordinators of the Maritime Labour History Working Group / European Labour History Network

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