Concours d’anarchitecture - Centre International de Recherches sur l’Anarchisme (CIRA)

Call for proposals, deadline 18 March 2021

Dear friends of CIRA,

as you must certainly know, the four walls of CIRA in Lausanne hold one of the most large collection of documents on the anarchist movement. Unfortunately, those four walls are not extensible. Since many years we’ve been trying to use all our tricks and imagination in order to find some more place to this growing collection, however it’s time to realize there’s no more. We’ve exhausted our creative strategies in building new scaffolds, covering every inch of spare wall, and playing all the times a huge tetris. And of course this has an impact on our project and its acquisition policy. The more we need to chose what to keep, the more we need to think in terms of space… and time is running out!

That’s why the team of the CIRA launches an “anarchitecture contest” based on the data we have now and specifications that you can find on CIRA’s website. We’re not talking about giving out a prize, but actually to engage everyone in a collective brainstorming on how we can make this place live as long as possible, going beyond the physical barriers we have to confront today.
We’re looking forward to read your contributions!

Links: (documents available in french, italian et german)

(Deadline: 18 mars 2021)

Strength and imagination
CIRA’s team