Migration and Racism in the Americas: The Case of Migrants in the United States

Event, 29 January 2021, online

The exclusion of migrants and their descendants based on racism and xenophobia have a long historical tradition, particularly in the United States and Europe. Recent spike of populism and the securitization of borders highlight the urgency to discuss these topics in an intertwined and transregional perspective. Ramon Grosfoguel will address related questions in his lecture, and Julia Roth (Bielfeld University) will provide a contextual analysis of his presentation.
This lecture with Ramon Grosfoguel, professor of Chicano/Latino Studies in the department of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley, is the first event in a four-part lecture series on “Mobilities and Migration across the Americas”, organized by Albert Manke (Pacific Regional Office of the German Historical Institute Washington at the University of California, Berkeley) and Mario Peters (GHI Washington). Bringing together scholars from Latin America and the Caribbean, Anglo-America, and Europe, this lecture series aims provide a platform for engaging and inspiring interdisciplinary debates.

The four-part GHI Lecture Series “Mobilities and Migration across the Americas” will take place on the last Friday of each month, from January to April 2021. More information:
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