CfP: Routledge's Fascism and Far Right series: "The rise of the radical right in the Global South"

Call for papers, deadline 7 February 2021

This is a call for contributions to the Routledge series 'Fascism and Far Right.' We seek chapter submissions for our proposal, 'The Radical Right in the Global South' (under review with Routledge, United Kingdom).

Our main objective whit this edited volume is to highlight the importance of understanding the emergence, development, and consolidation of different radical right movements in Global South countries in the twenty-first century.

Specifically, we are looking for chapters that address methodological issues of researching the radical right in the Global South. We are looking for ground-breaking methodological discussions that can serve as references for other researchers in different parts of the Global South.

We will also consider abstracts of case studies that focus on Global South countries, except in Latin America and India.

We seek to answer the following questions:

- Are there significant methodological differences in conducting research and/or fieldwork on the radical right in the Global South settings (in contrast with researching the Global North)? Consider discussing, for example, challenges and risks, access to resources, institutional support, etc.
- What theoretical and methodological contributions can be gained by focusing on the dynamics of New Right movements in the Global South?

Please consider submitting an idea or a chapter abstract of 300-400 words and an author bio of 100 words. Send proposed title, abstract (no more than 400 words), name, and affiliation to and by February 7, 2021.

Rosana Pinheiro-Machado