Nordic Labour History Network seminars

Workshops, 9 February - 8 June 2021

During the spring 2021 Nordic Labour History Network (NHLN) will arrange a series of digital seminars on labour history.

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The seminars are in English. They are free and open but require registration. After registration you will get a Zoom-link about three days before the seminar. If you have questions or want to tell us about interesting subjects or lecturers, please send an e-mail to silke.neunsinger[a]

Work-Lab Klas Rönnbäck: Wage labour in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1600–1900
9 February 2021 10.00-11.30
Comment: Andreas Eckert, Humboldt University Berlin

Lecture Håkan Blomqvist: The Jewish Labour Bund in Sweden – an unknown experience
30 March 2021 14.00-14.45
The Swedish labour historian Håkan Blomqvist, Södertörn University, presents his book on the history of the Jewish Bund in Sweden and his findings from the YIVO archives.
Registration: Will open later

Lecture Erik Bengtsson: The most equal country in the world? The history of Swedish egalitarianism
20 April 2021 14.00-14.45
In 1900, Sweden had some of the most unequal voting laws in western Europe, and severe economic inequality. Economic historian Erik Bengtsson lecture on how well-organized popular movements after 1870 lie behind twentieth-century Swedish egalitarianism.
Registration: Will open later

Roundtable Nordic Labour History for the 20th Century – orientations and re-orientations
27 April 2021 14.00-15.30
Participants: Knut Kjeldstadli, University of Oslo, Ragnheiður Kristjánsdóttir, University of Iceland, Malin Nilsson, Lund University, Pirjo Markkola, Tampere University, Nina Trige Andersen, affiliated with Society for Labour History in Denmark and in the steering committee of the NLHN.
Chair: Silke Neunsinger, Swedish Labour Movement’s Archives and Library
Registration: Will open later

Lecture Risto Turunen: Shades of Red: Evolution of the Political Language of Finnish Socialism, 1895–1917
11 May 2021 14-14.45
Risto Turunen, Tampere University, presents the results from his doctoral thesis Shades of Red (2021) which scrutinizes the evolution of Finnish socialism up to the Civil War. In addition he comments on the prospects and pitfalls of ”digital turn” for the future study of proletarian imaginations.
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Lecture Erla Hulda Halldórsdóttir & Ragnheiður Kristjánsdóttir: A century of working women in Iceland
18 May 2021 14.00-14.45
The lecture is based on the book A century of women voters telling the story about the lives and political environment of Icelandic female voters.
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Panel on decolonizing labour history
8 June 2021
More information is coming.
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