Democratic Utopia. A sensory journey into the places of democracy

Exhibition, Rome, Italy

From 3 May 2021, the Basso Foundation opens its doors to visitors with a new multimedia project with the evocative title “Democratic Utopia”.

The tour begins outside the Foundation in Via della Dogana Vecchia, just behind Palazzo Madama, the Senate building, where you are attracted by an interactive digital showcase. Passers-by will be able, with a simple movement of the hand, to “leaf through” the documents and see the images of the long journey that peoples from all over the world had to undertake to affirm ideas, rights, justice and democracy.

You then enter the atrium of the Foundation where, free of charge and upon reservation made on the website democratica, you can connect with your mobile phone or tablet to an augmented reality app to cross the highlights of the Paris Commune, which constituted, exactly 150 years ago, the great utopia of the nineteenth century.

You finally get inside the library of the Foundation, where you find a virtual reality terminal. By wearing a viewer, you can start a journey through history, in the heart of the great battles for democracy, guided by the voice of the protagonists and the living story of the images. The story starts from Article 3 of the Italian Constitution which proclaims the social dignity and equality of all citizens.

The Democratic Utopia project is carried out by Business Value and DBW, enhances an important part of the foundation's book and archival heritage of the Basso Foundation, and is co-financed by the European Union, as part of the 2014-2020 FESR Lazio fund.


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