Archives of Camille Huymans digitized and online available



Camille Huysmans (1871-1968) was a Belgian socialist polician who played an important role in the international labour movement before and after the Second World War. At the international level, there is in the first place his role in the Socialist International, especially as secretary of the International Socialist Bureau (1905-1922) where he played a prominent role in the Stockholm Peace Conference in 1917. And then later as secretary and chairman of the Labor and Socialist International / Internationale Ouvrière Socialiste (1940- 1945) and as Rapporteur of the Trieste Commission of the Socialist International (early 1950s).

Amsab-Institute of Social History in collaboration with the Foundation for Scientific Research Camille Huysmans has digitized the extensive archives of Huysmans. Almost 3000 files, good for more than 300,000 pages, are available online in the online catalogue of Amsab-ISH.

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