3rd Latin American Transitions Conference: Disruptions of Latin American Democracies: Roots and dynamics of contemporary conflicts

Conference, 17-19 June 2021, online


We invite all participants to send us an e-mail to obtain access to the talks via zoom: cel-le@uni-leipzig.de

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Thursday, June 17th

2:30–2:45 p.m. (CEST)

3–5 p.m. PANEL 1 (PART 1)
Crisis, dependency and social struggles in Latin America in, through and beyond neoliberal capitalism
Chair: Henrike Neuhaus (London)

Annette Maguire (Newcastle): New Precarities, New Resistances: Visibilising the Protagonists of the #FeministStrike

Fernando Toro (London) and Gabriela Sánchez (Santiago): Resisting Peripheral Financialisation: Housing Movements against Debt Systems in the South.

Natalia Gómez Muñoz (Bologna): Financialized Deservingness and Entitlement: An Anthropological Exploration of Social Impact Investing in the Colombian Context

Mariano Féliz (La Plata): Progressive discourse, conservative policies, and the left

Ana Ribeiro (Leipzig): Brazil and the Mythologies of Developmentalism

6–8 p.m. PANEL 1 (PART 2)
Crisis, dependency and social struggles in Latin America in, through and beyond neoliberal capitalism
Chair: Mariano Féliz (La Plata)

Ian Merkel (Leipzig, New York, São Paulo): The Economic Policy of the Bolsonaro Administration: between Austerity and Populist Continuity

Ayelén Branca (Córdoba): Dependent capitalism, exclusive reproduction pattern, and weak links. Elements to understand the sociopolitical dynamics in Latin America.

Quincy Stemmler (Lima): Conflictive Extractivism: Mining, institutions and social conflict in Peru and Colombia

Inés Durán Matute (Puebla): Spatial disputes, a struggle for life. Reflections from Mexico

Friday, June 18th

2–4 p.m. PANEL 2
Disruptions of Latin American democracies

Chair: Daniel León (Greifswald, Leipzig) Alejandro Velasco (New York): On the Origins of Polarization in Venezuela

Rafael Freitas (Leipzig): “Alguns vão morrer”: necropolítica e capitalismo neoliberal no Brasil contemporâneo

Leiv Marsteintredet (Bergen): Live too long – or die too soon. Problems of presidential accountability and mandates in Latin America

Désirée Reder (Hamburg): When violent repression of peaceful protest backfires: The management of political costs in Nicaragua 2018–2020

Thomas Ploetze (Leipzig): Central American Narratives and Images of Pandillas since the 1990s

4:15–6:15 p.m. PANEL 3
Digital media, affects and moments of disruptions in Latin America and Europe – a comparison
Chair: Karen Silva Torres (Leipzig)

Antonio Romero (México D.F., Berlin): Central American migrant caravans as affective
publics – the doing of migration discourse on networked media spaces

Ana Makhashvili, Dr. Débora Medeiros (Berlin): Journalism and the Networked Affective Dynamics of #Chemnitz

Karen Silva Torres (Leipzig): Indigenous Protests, Journalism, and affectivity in Ecuador

Max Stabile (Brasilia): Google and the 2020 Brazilian sub-national elections

4:15–6:15 p.m. PANEL 4
The Colombian Peace Process and Social Inequality
Chair: Stefan Peters (Giessen) Discussant: Solveig Richter (Leipzig)

Rosario Figari Layús (Giessen): Peace for Whom? Security Policy in the Context of Violence against Social Leaders in Colombia

Laura Camila Barrios Sabogal (Bogotá): Beyond victimization: agency of former female FARC-EP combatants in Colombia

Anika Oettler (Marburg): Too many things to do? Gender-related measures in the Colombian peace agreement

Juliana González Villamizar (Bogotá) and Angela Santamaría (Bogotá): Arhuaco Indigenous Women‘s Memories and the Colombian Truth Commission: Methodological Gaps and Political Tensions

Juliette Vargas (Bogotá, Göttingen): Collective Participation in the Special Jurisdiction for Peace in Colombia

6.30–8 p.m. ROUNDTABLE:
Disrupciones de las culturas policiales
Moderation: Agustina Carrizo de Reinmann (Leipzig) Diego Galeano (Rio de Janeiro): Policía, epidemia y cuarentena: indagaciones históricas

Mariana Sirimaco (Buenos Aires): La policía que te cuida, la policía que te mata. Fuerzas de seguridad argentinas en pandemia y aislamiento

Stiven Tremaria (Osnabrück): Reforma Policial y Autocratización en la Venezuela Bolivariana

Saturday, June 19th

2–3:30 p.m. PANEL 5
Violence in Latin America in the context of social movements
Chair: Marisol Palma Behnke (Santiago de Chile)

Igor Stipic (Regensburg): Narrativizing Elitist Transitions: Student countermovements and challenged democracies in Bosnia and Chile

Hannah Katalin Grimmer (Vienna): Art in Protest: Alternative Memories in Artistic Positions – Resistance, Social Movements and Feminisms in the Cono Sur

Carla Rivera (Santiago de Chile): La prensa y la política de las emociones: miedo, rabia y odio a partir del estallido social 18-O en Chile.

Svenja Bonnecke (Santiago de Chile): Polizeireform in Chile im Lichte einer neuen Verfassung

3:45–4:45 p.m. CLOSING REMARKS
Carolina Galindo H. (Bogotá):
Democracias violentas en tiempos de pandemia: algunas reflexiones sobre el caso colombiano