CfP: Imperialism and Resistance in Middle East and North Africa

Call for papers, deadline 4 October 2021
"Special Issue Call for Papers - Journal of Labor and Society: Imperialism and Resistance in Middle East and North Africa
A decade after the epochal revolutions of 2011, the Middle East and North Africa is subject to an extraordinary condensation of the old and new aspects of imperialism. For instance, the 'settler-colonialism' of Israel and the pertinent effects of the 'classical' occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq endure in tandem with new forms of external and regional military interventions. At the same time, decades of forced structural adjustment and the imposition of some of the most comprehensive sanctions regimes are juxtaposed with China's growing economic role in the region. 
What is more, this constellation seems to have facilitated the rise of regional powers with a more assertive economic, political and military embedment in the region.
This unique condensation of the moments of 'break' and 'continuity' presents itself in all the contours of the current conjuncture ranging from the immediacy of revolutionary horizons and counter-revolutionary setbacks to shifting uneasy alliances and the unparalleled militarization of the region. Such 'interregnum' urgently calls for critical interventions in understanding the specificity of the 'imperialism of our times' through 'concrete analysis of concrete situations'.
In this respect, Journal of Labour and Society is pleased to announce the call for papers for a special issue journal publication on the theme of Imperialism and Resistance in Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
Possible contributions include but are not limited to the following themes
•     The relevance and/or limitations of classical and new theories of imperialism in engaging with the current constellation in MENA
•     Continuities and shifts in resource imperialism
•     (The crises of) neoliberalism with Middle Eastern characteristics and/or new accumulation strategies in the making
•     World (dis)order and rise of regional powers
•     The struggle over MENA: Transatlantic relations, rising powers and (decline of) American hegemony
•     (Neo-)national liberation struggles: Palestine and beyond
•     Arab (counter)revolutions and external interventions
•     Militarization, insecuritization and sectarianization
•     Specific country case-studies
Submission Instructions
To be considered for this special, please submit a paper proposal, including an abstract of approximately 350 words, a title, your full name, contact information and institutional affiliation by Monday, October 4 at 9:00am EST to
The authors of the selected abstracts will be notified on October 11th, 2021, and invited to submit their papers ranging between 5000 to 7500 words inclusive of the abstract, references, endnotes words by Tuesday February 1st, 2022."