Podcast Series: Workplace Matters



Produced by members of the European Labour History Network Working Group

Workplaces: Pasts and Presents


We are pleased to introduce the inaugural episode of our podcast, Workplace Matters. The podcast provides interdisciplinary perspectives on the workplace by bringing together scholars with research projects on labour, work, and space. The project draws on a range of disciplinary methodologies and on the tools of digital humanities and social sciences to archive, curate, and disseminate the results to audiences of students, scholars, activists, and the general public.

The podcast is produced by members of the working group Workplaces: Pasts and Presents (https://socialhistoryportal.org/elhn/wg-workplaces). Previously known as the “Factory History Working Group,” this collective brings together international scholars to investigate in a collaborative and interdisciplinary way the past and present of the industrial workplace across the divide between the global North and South. 

This first show is a roundtable discussion about the historical transformation of the workplace. With the help of our host Dimitra Kofti, Görkem Akgöz, Rick Halpern, Bridget Kenny, Aslı Odman, Nicola Pizzolato, and Mariana Stoler explore the following questions:


  • How do workplace-level analyses inform our historical understanding of capitalism?


  • How has the workplace been studied and conceptualized in our respective areas of focus and what are the limits of these approaches?


  • How can we best study the workplace in an interdisciplinary perspective? What is to be gained from this orientation?


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Credits and special thanks to:


Artwork: Cansu Değirmencioğlu

Podcast intro: Görkem Akgöz (Concept) & Cem Dinler (Execution) Emre Nişancı (Mixing) Sevda Hamzaçebi (Voice)


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