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Working Group on “Labour in Mining”

The Young Mining Historians Corner

The Early Career Researcher blog series by Labour In Mining WG 

Labour In Mining WG launch an Early Career Researcher blog series – The Young Mining Historians’ Corner (– with the aim to provide a stimulating space of discussion and exchange in the field of mining history. We encourage ECRs whose interests lie at the intersection of mining history and labour history broadly construed to share their research and open insightful discussion with peers from interdisciplinary and trans epochal perspectives.

This idea stems from the necessity to overcome the increasing limitations to collaborative work and archival research created by the Covid-19 pandemic. As ECRs we are suffering particularly from the absence of human and intellectual proximity, that is a fundamental aspect to cultivate at the beginning of our career. This series aims to restore these elements with a view to build a space of exchange and collaboration for young researchers whose interests lie in mining history.

We will publish monthly periodical and blog posts about ongoing interdisciplinary research on mining history from various methodological perspective. While writing you may think of publishing online a working paper, essays, dissertations, digital humanities projects, or an abstract of a thesis already defended. The idea is to give the floor to the YMHC’s members and provide fruitful discussions and insightful feedback that will be sent to the author. After collecting the comments, the author may respond by sending private or public replies to further the conversation and deepen the intellectual exchange. 

We strongly believe that a fresh and interdisciplinary perspective will reinvigorate and update scholarly debates on mining history. This series will foster new research and collaborative work, while circulating news about research projects among its members. In short, this initiative focuses on communication and networking, which are also the fundamental pillars of this Working Group.


These blog posts may consist of different formats: written essays, audio podcasts, short videos, slide presentations, mind-maps, posters, and potentially every form of communicative support that could be published online. The series is open to accept contribution from WG members and external ECRs. If you are interested in participating, fill in the Form below and send it to !


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