IALHI condemns unreservedly the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Statement of IALHI's Board, 14 March 2022

IALHI condemns unreservedly the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We urge a peaceful solution as soon as possible not just to this conflict but to all wars raging around the globe. Ordinary people are invariably the first victims of war, and their suffering is uppermost in our minds. The destruction of irreplaceable artistic, cultural and historical heritage often occurs during conflicts and we urge all parties to avoid this.

IALHI deplores the recent forced closure of Memorial and urges the Russian judicial authorities to reconsider. Memorial was a greatly valued member of IALHI and its reinstatement as a cultural guardian of Russian social and political history is essential. We restate the cultural, political, and social importance of history, the unique significance of irreplaceable historical sources, and the fundamental right of all to undertake independent historical research.