Revolutionary Language

Conference at Tufts University

Call for Papers

Tufts University
Medford, MA
October 20, 2000
(Abstracts/Proposals Due: June 30, 2000)

This conference seeks to explore the various ramifications and permutations of revolutionary language. We welcome individual papers, group submissions, and panel proposals from all fields which engage innovative approaches to form, theory, author studies, the canon or canons, or history. We're also interested in papers or panels that seek to interrogate revolutionary methods and perspectives in imaginative, scientific, scholarly, or popular writing. Presentations should be 20-25 minutes. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Queering Language in Theory and Practice
  • I/Eye: Revolutions of the Self
  • Revolutions in Narrative/Dramatic/Poetic Form
  • New Women/New Men: Revolutions of Gender Hybridity
  • Language of Excess: Slippage and Overflow
  • Building with Words: Utopias/Dystopias
  • Genres of Resistance
  • Reinventing the Lexicon
  • Languages of Technology: The Industrial and/or Information Revolution
  • Authorial Revolutions Mobilizing People: Literacy and/or the Propaganda of Revolution
  • Race/Ethnicity and Language Rhetoric of the 60s
  • Counter-Revolutions/Underground Culture

To participate please a send brief (300-500 words), double spaced abstract of your panel proposal, individual paper or group submission by June 30, 2000. Abstracts may be submitted via regular mail, email (in the body of the email, not as an attachment), or fax.

Conference Co-Chairs: Nicole Aljoe & Tiffany Magnolia
Revolutionary Language Conference
Department of English
East Hall
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155
phone: (617) 627-3459
fax: (617) 627-3606

Posted: 26 April 2000