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Charles DeBenedetti Prize

Charles DeBenedetti Prize in Peace History
Prize Date: 2001-02-01

The Peace History Society invites submissions for the Charles DeBenedetti Prize in Peace History, to be given to the author or authors of an outstanding article published in English in 1999 or 2000. Articles reflecting new, cutting-edge research appearing either in edited works or journals may focus on the history of peace movements, the response of individuals to peace and war issues, the relationship between peace and other reform movements, gender issues in warfare and peacemaking, comparative analyses, quantitative studies, or other relevant subjects. The prize includes a cash award of $500.

Articles should be submitted in triplicate by February 1, 2001 to Prof. Robert Shaffer, Department of History, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA. 17257. For further information, you may also contact Prof. Shaffer via e-mail at

The prize was first awarded in 1989. Previous prize-holders include:

  • Lawrence Wittner, "Peace Movements and Foreign Policy: The Challenge to Diplomatic Historians," Diplomatic History (Fall 1987)
  • France Early, "Feminism, Peace, and Civil Liberties: Women's Role in the Origins of the World War I Civil Liberties Movement," Women's Studies (1990)
  • Sandi Cooper, "Pacifism in France, 1889-1914: International Peace as a Human Right," French Historical Studies (Fall 1991)
  • Allen Smith, "Mass Society and the Bomb: The Discourse of Pacifism in the 1950s," Peace & Change (October 1993)
  • Susan Zeiger, "She Didn't Raise Her Boy to Be a Slacker: Motherhood, Conscription, and the Culture of the First World War," Feminist Studies (Spring 1996)
  • Robert Shaffer, "Cracks in the Consensus: Defending the Rights of Japanese Americans During World War II," Radical History Review (Fall 1998)

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Contact information:
Prof. Robert Shaffer
History Department
Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, PA. 17257

Posted: 19 June 2000