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Union of International Associations thesis prize

The Union of International Associations has decided, in order to stress the importance of the associative phenomenon in what is rapidly becoming a worldwide society, to award a prize of 6,000 euro for a doctoral thesis prepared on a subject concerning the life, operations or work of international non-governmental organisations. The competition is open to students of all nationalities.

Whatever his or her specialty, the candidate must meet the conditions laid down by his or her own University for acceptance as a thesis candidate. Subjects suggested by candidates must be approved by a local course director and accompanied by a short note setting out the broad lines of the intended research. Candidatures have to be received by UIA before the 14th October 2000. The UIA Council reserves its right to accept only the more interesting or the more original subjects for competition. It will inform the candidate of its decision in due time.

The thesis has to be upheld in 1999 or, at the latest, before the 1st November 2000. Manuscripts must be written in English or French and sent to the UIA secretariat in triplicate before 1 January 2001. Electronic submissions are also welcome via email (please use RTF or Word 6.0 format). The UIA Council will proceed to set up a jury of qualified persons who will have full discretion in awarding, or if necessary, dividing the prize (or withholding any award).

The official award of the prize will take place during the UIA General Assembly 2001.

All additional information may be obtained from:

Secretariat of UIA
40 rue Washington
B-1050 Brussels
Tel (32 2)640 18 08
Fax (32 2)643 61 99

Posted: 13 July 2000