History of US Trotskyism

Conference at the Tamiment

Explorations in the History of U.S. Trotskyism
New York City, Sept. 29 - Oct 1, 2000 (Friday - Sunday)
Sponsored by: New York University's Tamiment Library

There are planned panels on:

  • U.S. Trotskyism and Internationalism
  • New Perspectives on James P. Cannon & Max Shachtman
  • Trotskyism & African-Americans
  • Trotskyism, Workers & Unions
  • Trotskyism & Intellectuals
  • Veterans Reminiscences
  • New Directions
  • Preserving the Past
  • Trotskyism & Others on the Left
  • Trotskyism & Sexual Politics
  • Legacy of the Johnson-Forest & Cochran Tendencies
  • Making Sense of the Trotskyist Tradition for Today

Planned participants include: Kevin Anderson, Rafael Bernabe, Pierre Broué, Kathleen Brown, Mike Davis, Michael Denning, Victor Devinatz, Peter Drucker, Betsy Esch, Grant Farred, Dinae Feeley, Dan Georgakas, Martin Glaberman, Nancy Holmstrom, Maurice Isserman, Alan Johnson, Arlene Keizer, Robin Kelley, Maurice Isserman, Gary Kinsman, Paul Lee, David McReynolds, Kim Moody, Bryan Palmer, Christopher Phelps, Louis Proyect, David Roediger, Annette Rubinstein, Kwame Somburu, Emily Turnbull, Jean Tussey, Marilyn Vogt-Downey, Esteban Volkov, Alan Wald, Suzi Weissman, Cynthia Young, to mention just a few.

Info: 212-998-2639 / peter.filardo@nyu.edu
Registration: $15
Checks payable to: Tamiment Library - NYU
should be sent to:
Tamiment Institute Library - NYU
Attention: Peter Filardo
70 Washington Square South - 10th Floor
New York, NY 10012

Posted: 25 August 2000