Black Perspectives on Britain

Conference in London

Black Perspectives on Post-War British History
Institute of Historical Research, 20-21 October 2000

Speakers are listed below and further information is available from Julia Drake,

Friday 20th October


  • Raimi Gbadamosi (UCL), " A Man Should be Judged by the Colour of His Shirt"
  • J.Cowley (ICS), "Calypso"

Saturday 21st October

Panel 1: Race, Space and Identity

  • Caroline Bressey (UCL), "Public History and forgotten black geographies of London"
  • Julia Drake (UCL), "Redefining Identity: Black Caribbean women and community formation in Brixton and Notting Hill 1958-81"
  • Divya Tolia Kelly (UCL), "Meanings of 'home' to Asian women living in Britain"
  • Dolly Smith Wilson (Boston College), "Dependence, the Labour market and post war immigration policy"

    Panel 2: Rejection or Resistance

  • Alistair Chisolm (SAS), "Broadwater Farm: Regeneration, Immigration and Racism"
  • Michael Dawswell (UCL), "What is it to be Black and British?"
  • Sarah Glynn (UCL), "Young Bengalis in Brick Lane - The Last 25 Years"
  • Harvard Sitkoff (UNH), "The influence of the United States on British minorities"

    Panel 3: Colonialism and Communism

  • Hakim Adi (Middlesex), "Communism and Anti-Colonialism amongst African's in Britain in the '40s and '50s"
  • Mary Davis (UNL), "Racism and Anti-Communism: TUC Colonial Policy1935-50"

    Panel 4: "You make the rules we live the life"

  • Rosemary Mallett (KCL), "From childhood to aging: A Model for Understanding the Health of People of African-Caribbean Descent"
  • Marika Sherwood (ICS), "The Lawrence Enquiry and Education"

Posted: 4 September 2000