Encyclopedia of American Labor

Call for contributors by December 15

Professors James Hanlan of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Robert Weir at Bay Path College are in the process of compiling an encyclopedia of American labor for Greenwood Press. We invite contributors for this venture.

The encyclopedia is designed for public libraries and novices, not labor history scholars. We seek writers who can:

  1. Write clearly for a general audience
  2. Submit concise (300-500 words) entries (in some cases shorter)
  3. Deliver copy no later than August 1, 2001
  4. Can actually deliver on or before that date (we have a tight deadline and need to be able to rely on writers)

This is an ideal project for graduate students and others who seek to get publication credits on their vitas. Again, it is not a specialist's publication; in most cases entries can be compiled from standard secondary sources. In fact, each entry should list three sources at the end for "Suggested Reading."

Alas, this is unpaid labor but anyone doing five entries will get a free copy of the volume when it comes out and will be listed somewhere (we don't know where yet) as a contributor. Those doing entries so far report the basic research necessary for compiling an entry can be done quite quickly.

Anyone interested in the project should e-mail Rob Weir for a list of the available topics. E-mail him directly at: RWeir@Mtholyoke.edu

This should be done before December 15 as Rob is leaving for a 6 month Fulbright in December.

Posted: 22 November 2000