Jews and the Left

Book presentation postponed

The book presentation at the Pump House, Manchester, December 10, has been postponed. Yet the book is available:

Manchester, Jews, Labour and the Left
edited by Christine Collette and Stephen Bird


  • Gail Malmgreen, Comrades and Kinsmen: the Jewish Labor Committee and Anti-Nazi Activity, 1933-41
  • David De Vries, White-Collar and Labour: Clerks and the Histadrut in British-Ruled Palestine
  • Deborah Osmond, British Jewry and Labour Politics, 1918-39
  • Christine Collette, Le soleil du socialisme commence a se lever sur le monde: the Utopian visions of Labour Zionism, British Labour and the Labour and Socialist International in the 1930s
  • Jason Heppell, A Question of 'Jewish Politics'? the Jewish Section of the Communist Party of Great Britain, 1936-45
  • Isabelle Tombs, Szmul Zygielbohm, the British Labour Party and the Holocaust
  • Paul Kelemen, Looking the Other Way: the British Labour Party, Zionism and the Palestinians
  • Arieh Lebowitz, Jews and the Trade Union Movements in the UK & US: Select Bibliographical souces
  • Irene Wagner: afterword: Dresden homecoming

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Christine Collette
Reader in Class and Gender Studies
Edge Hill

Posted: 4 December 2000