French Labour and the Left

Seminar at North London University

University of North London Announcement: Seminars for Spring 2001

Political Economy, Labour and the Left in France

Wednesday, February 14

  • 2:30-4:30 The French Communist Party and the Crisis of the Left
    • Bernie Moss, King's College, The Origins of the French Labor Movement
    • Daniel Bensaid, University of Paris VIII, leader of the LCR
    • Pierre Lévy, journalist formerly with L'Humanité, Bastille, République, Nation
  • 4:45-6:30 How Relevant is the French Regulation School Today?
    • Jacques Mazier, University of Paris XIII, When Crises Endure
    • John Grahl, University of North London, After Maastricht

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Posted: 20 December 2000