Rebellion on the Border

American exhibition in the UK

Rebellion on the Border
United Kingdom Exhibition

An exhibition of work by US labour-rights photographer David Bacon, Rebellion on the Border, documents "globalisation from below". The photographs examine the lives and struggles of workers on both sides of the US - Mexico border and the collection offers a compelling insight into the lives of the worker migrants. The photographs show the true conditions of the maquiladoras - child labour in the fields, toxic waste dumps, oppression by anti-union employers - but also the inspiring efforts of Mexican workers and their efforts to form independent and democratic unions. As the workers move north to the USA the images document their efforts to escape extreme poverty and exploitation, but they also show that this journey also often leads, not to "the land of the free," but to hard work and conditions reminescent of those they left behind.

Rebellion on the Border was originally curated by Bianka Huber of the German Metalworkers Federation, IG Metall, and Sabine Schulte, of the Compaq Computer Works Council. It was generously loaned for a series of exhibitions in the United Kingdom, organized by the International Committee for Trade Union Rights.

UK exhibition dates:

  • March 26th - April 7th 2001: Marble Hall (UK Trade Union Congress), Congress House, Great Russell Street, London (near Tottenham Court Road tube station)
    April 3: Reception with TUC leaders and union activists, 7pm
  • April - May: Bread and Roses (Battersea and Wandsworth TUC) Clapham Common, London (near Clapham Common tube station)
  • May - June: Birmingham Arts Centre / Library (Birmingham TUC)

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Posted: 4 April 2001