Worker Identity in Russia

Book announcement: Slavica

The Allan K. Wildman Group for the Study of Russian Workers and Society is pleased to announce the appearance of the article collection, New Labor History: Worker Identity and Experience in Russia, 1840-1918 (paperback, 248 pp., $25.99, ISBN: 0-89357-303-5). The volume, edited by Michael Melancon and Alice K. Pate, is published by Slavica Publishers ( and includes the following contributions by American and Russian scolars:

  • Boris B. Gorshkov, "Factory Children: An Overview of Child Industrial Labor and Laws in Imperial Russia, 1840-1914"
  • Page Herrlinger, "Othodoxy and the Experience of Factory Life in St. Petersburg, 1881-1905"
  • Sergei L. Firsov, "Workers and the Orthodox Church in Early 20th Century Russia"
  • Nikolai V. Mikhailov, "The Collective Psychlogy of Russian Workers and Workplace: Self-Organization in the Early 20th Century"
  • Alice K. Pate, "The Liquidationist Controversy: Russian Social Democracy and the Quest for Unity"
  • Mark D. Steinberg, "Proletarian Knowledge of Self: Worker Poets in Fin de Siecle Russia"
  • William G. Rosenberg, "Some Observations on the Question of 'Hegemonic Discourse': Language and Experience in the Scripting of Labor Roles"
  • Michael Melancon, "'Into the Hands of the Factory Committees': The Petrograd Factory Committee Movement and Discoures, February-June 1917"
  • Michael C. Hickey, "Big Strike in a Small City: The Smolensk Metal-Workers' Strike and Dynamics of Labor Conflict in 1917"

Introduction and Afterword by Melancon and Pate.