Frank Allaun

In memoriam

Frank Allaun who has died just short of his ninetieth birthday was the first and only President of the Working Class Movement Library.

He and Edmund Frow formed a friendship in the 1930's when Frank was looking after the Communist Party bookshop in Hanging Ditch and Eddie used to cycle to collect his Left Book Club monthly volumes which he then distributed among his workmates and the A.E.U. members.

Eddie and Frank went different ways. Eddie remained in the factory and worked in his Union; Frank joined the Labour party and became Salford's Member of Parliament. But their friendship never wavered and when they met, there was instant rapport and appreciation of each other's contribution.

When the Library became officially established as a Charitable Trust, it seemed most appropriate to invite Frank to become the President, an Office which he has held for over forty years. He and Millie always supported the Library and attended events which we held.

He will be sorely missed and we offer Millie our deep and sincere condolences.