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New Historical Materialism Book Series

Editorial board: Sebastian Budgen, Paul Blackledge, Vivek Chibber, Stathis Kouvelakis, Marcel van der Linden, China Mieville, Tony Smith.

Ten years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the disappearance of Marxism as a (supposed) state ideology, there is a need for a serious and long-term book publishing programme. Subjected to the whims of fashion, most contemporary publishers have abandoned any systematic production of Marxist theoretical work. The HM book series addresses this great gap with original monographs, translated texts and reprints of original classical works. At least three titles will be published every year.

Just published: Vol 1
Christopher J. Arthur, The New Dialectic and Marx's Capital

This book both argues for, and demonstrates, a new turn to dialectic. Marx's Capital was clearly influenced by Hegel's dialectical figures: here, case by case, the significance of these is clarified. More, it is argued that, instead of the dialectic of the rise and fall of social systems, what is needed is a method of articulating the dialectical relations characterising a given social whole. Marx learnt from Hegel the necessity for a systematic development, and integration, of categories; for example, the category of 'value' can be fully comprehended only in the context of the totality of capitalist relations. These studies thus shed new light on Marx's great work, while going beyond it in many respects.

Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
Publication year: 2002
viii, 264 pp.
ISBN 90 04 12798 4
ISSN 1570-1522
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