Social Inequality

CFP: sessions at the ESSHC

Sessions of the ESSHC
Call for Papers
Deadline for sending in a pre-registration form and abstract is 1 April 2003

On 24-27 March 2004 the European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC) will meet in Berlin. We would like to ask you to contribute a single paper or to organize a session of four papers on the theme of social inequality. Below are some of the sessions that have been suggested, but you may very well propose something different.

To propose a paper, please use the ESSHC-website, while ticking off the Social Inequality Network, and while sending a copy (of say half a page) to us:,, [MAILTO][/MAILTO].

We encourage sessions that are comparative in nature, and encourage session organizes to have papers from more than one country, and especially areas outside Europe and America (although we of course welcome such papers as well). The general theme of the ESSHC for 2004 is Shared Histories: Transnational Dimensions of Social History, and sessions and papers that fall directly under this rubric are encouraged as well.

Examples of Social Inequality session themes:

  • Shared histories and inequality
    Meet the author
    sessions organizer(s): Christoph Conrad and Lynn Lees (,
  • Are current ideas on philanthropy based on a false image of the past?
    session organizer(s): Susannah Morris (
  • The discovery of social inequality through public health inquiry: Rudolf Virchow and others
    session organizer(s): Thomas M. Adams (
  • Philanthropy and civil society
    session organizer(s): Steffen Mau (
  • Welfare regimes and notions of giving
    session organizer(s): Frank Adloff (
  • Underclass and poverty: history, concepts and politics
    session organizer(s): Jarmo Peltola and Antii Hakkinen (,
  • Globalization and inequality
    session organizer(s): Lynn Lees (
  • Fiscal inequality
  • Europeanisation of social policy formation
  • Risk, insurance and inequality
    session organizer(s): Ben Gales (
  • A comparative history of shopkeepers
    session organizer(s): Thimo de Nijs (
  • Social class, skill and status in comparative perspective
    Session organizer(s): Marco van Leeuwen ([MAILTO][/MAILTO])
  • Partnerchoice in the past: region, religion, wealth, social position and ethnicity
    session organizer(s): Antoinette Fauve Chamoux and Marco van Leeuwen (, [MAILTO][/MAILTO])
  • The rise of the modern career
  • Social mobility
  • Fears and moral panics

Information on the ESSHC: Fifth European Social Science History Conference Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, 24-27 March 2004.

The ESSHC aims at bringing together scholars interested in explaining historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences. The conference is characterized by a lively exchange in many small groups, rather than by formal plenary sessions. The Conference welcomes papers and sessions on any topic and any historical period. It is organised in a large number of networks, of which the Social Inequality Network is one. The Conference fee will be Euro 160 for participants who pay in advance, Euro 200 for participants who pay at the conference. One day attendance will be Euro 80 for participants who pay in advance, and Euro 100 for participants who pay at the conference. The deadline for sending in a pre-registration form and abstract is 1 April 2003.

Further information and an electronic pre-registration form for the Conference can be obtained from the Conference Internet site at or from the conference secretariat: European Social Science History Conference 2002, c/o International Institute of Social History Cruquiusweg 31 1019 AT Amsterdam Netherlands Telephone: +31.20.66 858 66 Fax: +31.20.66 541 81 Email: [MAILTO][/MAILTO].